Learn & Grow with Us


Dedicated Educators

The loving and nurturing staff at The Play School is very experienced at fostering a "love of learning".  We strive to build confidence and independence in our youngsters in their ever-so-important early years.


Program Options

Three year old class:Tues & Thurs.                                                             

 8:45AM - 12PM


 8:45AM -  1PM 

Lunch Buddies Extended Day

4’s Pre-K Class: Mon - Wed - Fri

  8:45AM - 1PM


  8:45AM - 3:15PM Full Day


About Us

The Play School Pre-K Learning Center is a structured Preschool designed to prepare  3-5 year olds for Kindergarten.  Our carefully planned, thematic curriculum aims to promote growth in all developmental areas. 

Our educational facility utilizes a Main Classroom with learning centers for exploration and play, as  well as a Project Room, Great Hall, and Outdoor Playground for gross motor development. 

The Play School has been in operation for more than 50 years and takes pride in the fact that it is not a Daycare, rather a comprehensive Preschool Program dedicated to provide a positive "First School" experience.